The Project Farm with Science (FWS)- COLTIVA CON LA SCIENZA  is a project of scientific dissemination that uses digital tools to spread suggestions and answers on the improvement of products and agri-food activities.

 The aim of the project is to stimulate scientific disclosure between agro-food operators, media, associations and consumers, and to make accessible in open access knowledge and good practices throughout the entire production chain, both in terms of production and environmental profile.

 The platform allows to communicate in a simple way the topics of agri-food research to the public opinion and to help the agricultural system to use innovation and research to improve its production considering environmental, economic and social sustainability.  In addition to the sections dedicated to the thematic areas, the platform also presents events and formative seminars, best practices and science publications. After free registration, it is possible to access the insights and scientific documentation proposed by the collaborating institutions and researchers.

 The initiative is a part of the Regional Development Cooperation Program and the International Partnerships for the period 2014-2017, with the area of the Western Balkans. The legal guideline that it refers to is the Law 19, published in 2000 that deals with the involvement of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region with the developing countries (PVS), Central and Eastern European Countries (CEECs) and generally, with the communities and institutions of the third countries.

 The project, approved by the Council of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region in November 2015, on the proposal of the president of the Region Debora Serracchiani, follows the regional initiatives presented during the last EXPO in Milan and the Udine Charter and the Food East di Udine event, presented in Udine last June, and it involves  the area of Montenegro and Serbia. The role of directorship goes to the FVG Region, while the main technical partner is Istituto di Genomica Applicata (Institute for Applied Genomics (IGA) from Udine, Italy.

 The portal is a pilot project and it can become an innovative tool between Italian cooperation and developing countries, in particular, the Euro-Mediterranean area that can provide continuous and unmanageable updates on research and innovation in the agri-food sector.

The regional contribution amounts to € 85,000.00 euros, for the total coverage of the project costs.