Primary objective:

Support for technology transfer in the agro-food sector, local development. 

The project was made with the intention to find a way to adapt the scientific dissemination regarding the sustainability of the agri-food industry to the needs and necessities of journalists and agri-food producers, in order to offer them an intuitive, fast and effective digital tool that is able to offer scientific responses and suggestions regarding agri-food products and activities improvement, presentation and clarification on the use of techniques proposed by the scientific community that can be easily adapted by the users.

The secondary goals are:

• AGGREGATE AND PROVIDE ACCESS TO scientific content by becoming a reference point for sharing knowledge and good practices in the field of agri-food sustainability;

• DIVULGE AND TRANSMIT thematic knowledge by transforming misinformation into information;

• FORM TO DISSEMINATE the scientific knowledge and to involve the production chains in scientific research and the application of agronomic practices of best productive and environmental impact;

• SENSITIZE AND STIMULATE agricultural workers, media and associations engaged in scientific dissemination, and finally, with consumers.


Thanks to the portal, we will complete:

  • Knowledge transfer activities, information and education activities for agri-food sustainability;
  • Promotional actions related to events and to publications designed to raise awareness among agri-food producers and journalists, and among general public as well, dealing with dissemination activities related to research and development activities in the agri-food sector;
  • Dissemination actions on biodiversity and economic, social and environmental sustainability issues.

Farm with Science (FWS) is the entry point for access to digital content, a place of scientific training, sharing of content between the scientific community and public opinion, and finally a showcase for the presentation of scientific research, projects, good practices and case studies in the field of agri-food sustainability.