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Answer: GMOs and food safety: EFSA (European Food Safety Authority)

Riguardo alle biotecnologie e, in particolare all'introduzione di  organismi geneticamente modificati (OGM) nel settore agroalimentare, si è acceso negli ultimi anni un forte dibattito a livello nazionale e internazionale relativamente alle tematiche della protezione dell'ambiente e della salute,…

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GMO and food safety: valuation

The assessment and management of these potential risks have been at the centre, not only of all reference standards since 1990 but also of GMO research over the past three decades. Between 1985 and 2010, Europe invested around € 250 million in assessing the safety of GMOs. The data were collected …

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Biotoxins monitoring in Montenegro

In the coastal waters of Montenegro, biotoxins monitoring started in 2014 thanks to the support by the Ministry of Science of Montenegro and HERIC project through the BIO-ICT Centre of Excellence work.  Monitoring included shellfish farms in Boka Kotorska Bay by Centre for Eco-toxicological Tests (…

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Science can be Good to Eat: a Documentary by the FVG Region and the Science Park Area

Food safety and nutrition are at the top of European citizens' priorities and the agri-food sector is the first economic sector in the continent. It is widely believed that our survival bases, land and water, are best preserved so that they can drink and feed everywhere the planet Earth population. …

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Answer: GMOs and food security: CREA, SIGA and the scientific world

In Italia la discussione sulle nuove tecniche biotecnologiche, ed in particolare sulla cisgenesi e il genome editing è stata portata in senato il 30 luglio del 2015 come “Affare assegnato sulla materia delle nuove tecnologie in agricoltura, con particolare riferimento all'uso delle biotecnologie …

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