Adversity in the vineyard

Monitoring adversity in the vineyard of Friuli thanks to technology

The management of the health status of the vine is the one that has the greatest economic and environmental impact of the crop, and on this topic, there is the…

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New techniques in the vineyard

Vineyard threats: grey molds and rot

The vine growing is conditioned by several factors, among which the availability of water and mineral elements, plays a leading role. In situations characterized by water and/or nutritional deficiency, the…

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Vine water stress and wine and grape quality

Water stress and water emergence by 2040

Water stress is a temporary or prolonged condition of lack of water, usually lacking at ground level. As all plant stresses, it can result in primary damage or…

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Vranac Autoctone Variety

Vranac: presentation

Vranac┬áis an ancient variety of grape indigenous to the Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia. Vranac is considered the most important variety of grape in Montenegro. The grape produces a…

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