Below the hard Skin there is a Golden Heart

The biotech tomato that winks on tradition

Pomodori rossi, gustosi, nutrienti e soprattutto a lunga conservazione grazie a una buccia più resistente nel tempo: questo è l’asso nella manica calato dalla ricerca biotech che semplifica la filiera…

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To all sorghum!

Cultivate energy also in Italy

Il 2017 si apre con la ricostruzione della mappa dei geni del sorgo da parte del China National Sorghum Improvement Center. Questo nuovo traguardo pone le basi per una…

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News on resistance

First vine varieties resistant to diseases produced in Italy

They are ten: five white berries - Fleurta, Soreli, Sauvignon Kretos, Sauvignon Nepis, Sauvignon Rytos - and five red berries - Cabernet Eidos, Cabernet Volos, Merlot Khorus, Merlot Kanthus, Julius, the first disease-resistant grapevines variety, produced in Italy by…

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Genetic characterization and relationships of traditional grape cultivars from Serbia

The history of viticulture in Serbia

Serbia is located in the central Balkans, at the crossroads between Asia and Europe, on the line dividing various nations and civilisations of the East and the West.…

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Clonal selection and establishment of mother plantations of Vranac Variety

Clonal selection of Vranac in Montenegro

Bearing in mind the importance of Vranac variety for the Montenegrin viticulture, work on the clonal selection of this variety has started in the 2004 year thanks to the collaboration…

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Kiwi – new varieties

Italian prodution chain and European Consortium for early yellow pulp kiwi

Dorì comes at the table, in Italy and beyond. The variety of yellow pulp kiwi crossbred by the University of Bologna, in collaboration with the University…

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Cultivation of citrus without viruses

The CREA study for the fight against the CTV virus

After the cases of kiwi and olive, current events are demonstrating the importance of plants resistant to viruses and other pathologies for our agriculture. Sicilian citrus culture has also been fighting, in…

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