The new database of plant genetic resources preserved in Italy

The new database of plant genetic resources preserved in Italy

Varietal Innovatoin

The Plant Genetic Resources Database (PGR)

The Research Center for Fruit Growing in Rome (CRA-FRU) has published the database of the Genetic Plant Resources (GPR) stored at 29 CRA structures as well as the Universities of Perugia and Potenza and the "Nazareno Strampelli" Institute in Vicenza. The database is the result of the GPR / FAO project, funded by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture Policies, made in order to follow the Italian signing of the FAO International GPR Treaty (Law No. 6, April 2004, No 101), which provides for their recovery, characterization, conservation and equitable and sustainable valuation.

The PlantARes  website consists of different sections: home, project, structures, databases, networks, news, contacts sections, and includes 46,879 accessions belonging to 235 genres and about 1,000 species, grouped into 9 clusters:

  • Cereals 17,496
  • Industrial crops 2.714
  • Forage 7.776
  • Forestry 3.744
  • Fruits and citrus fruits 8,787
  • Olive 3.243
  • Ornamental 266
  • Aromatics and medicines 586
  • Vine 793

For all accessions, there are passports data available according to FAO international agreements; that allowed the GPR database to be included in EURISCO, which is the plant access website in Europe. Each entry indicates the availability or not for the exchange with other countries that have signed the International Treaty.

For the species of highest agricultural interest are also included the specific descriptors drawn up under the National Plan for Biodiversity of Agricultural Interest involving the MiPAAF, Regions and Autonomous Provinces of Bolzano and Trento. The ambition and objective of the Ministerial Project are to become the website, with the collaboration of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces, and the national reference of all GPRs retained in Italy.

Patricija Muzlovic